• Lifechanger


    A murderous shapeshifter sets out on a blood-soaked mission to make things right with the woman he loves....

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  • The Demonologist

    The Demonologist

    A detective investigating a string of murders goes down a dark path of the Occult and discovers beings that are trying to bring forth Hell on Earth....

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  • Monsterland 2

    Monsterland 2

    Monsters are back and hungrier than ever in this sequel to the 2015 smash hit Monsterland....

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  • Scarecrows


    Teenagers are kidnapped and made into scarecrows that are left to die in the crop fields. Once one goes up... it never comes down....

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  • The Marriage

    The Marriage

    Bekim and Anita are getting married, but she is unaware that he is still in love with his best friend Nol....

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  • Alanis


    A young Buenos Aires mother finds employment as a sex worker and struggles to live under the same laws that are supposed to protect her....

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  • Elves


    When a group of friends discover ancient elves locked in a cursed chest, they unknowingly unleash their wrath on the world....

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  • Prodigy


    A father must protect his estranged son from the outside world when the boy accurately predicts three end-of-world events....

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  • The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear

    The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear

    Life in Solby is nice and peaceful until one day when Mitcho and Sebastian find a message in a bottle by the harbor....

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  • Blue My Mind

    Blue My Mind

    15-year-old Mia is facing an overwhelming transformation which calls her entire existence into question....

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  • Who Will Save the Roses?

    Who Will Save the Roses?

    The melting love story between two old men, one of them is sick and stays in bed all day, the other is a gambler who takes care of...

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  • Krampus Origins

    Krampus Origins

    The first World War rages on when a group of American soldiers find a mysterious artifact that can summon the ancient evil of the Krampus....

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  • The Heretics

    The Heretics

    After she's kidnapped, a young woman begins to undergo a strange transformation....

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  • Mobile Homes

    Mobile Homes

    A young makeshift family scrapes by, living one hustle at a time, until the discovery of a mobile home community offers an alternative life....

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  • Five Fingers for Marseilles

    Five Fingers for Marseilles

    A member of the Five Fingers returns to colonial Marseilles after fleeing police aggression two decades before, and finds the town under a new threat....

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  • Johnny Gruesome

    Johnny Gruesome

    When Johnny is murdered while on a drunken joyride, his killer persuades Eric and Johnny's girlfriend to help him make the murder look like an accidental death....

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