• 9 Miles Down

    9 Miles Down

    A security expert is sent to investigate the disappearance of a research team drilling deeper into the Sahara desert's surface than anyone has attempted before. While there he...

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  • Skew


    With video camera in hand, Simon, Rich, and Eva head out on a road trip that they hope will create lasting memories. What begins as a carefree...

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  • Que Pena Tu Boda :(

    Que Pena Tu Boda :(

    F*ck My Wedding continues the romantic story of Javier and Angela. In this new story, Angela's unexpected pregnancy causes the relationship between her and Javier to head in...

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  • Que Pena Tu Familia :(

    Que Pena Tu Familia :(

    F*ck My Family, ends the trilogy of the romantic story of Javier and Angela. After having sworn eternal love and having their first child, decide to divorce....

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  • Que Pena Tu Vida :(

    Que Pena Tu Vida :(

    Javier, a young unemployed publicist, faces a series of romantic adventures after his plan to win back his ex-girlfriend fails....

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