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Transmedium: Fastmovers & USOs

Transmedium UFOs, often viewed as ocean based USOs, have long fascinated Navy personnel. Join us for an in-depth exploration of USO history with former Navy Chief Oceanographer Tim Gallaudet....
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We Are Not Alone

Investigative filmmakers Serena DC & Michael Mazzola travel across the US to meet leading UFO & Extraterrestrial experts including Dr Steven Greer, Andrea Perron & Jacques Vallee to learn why we are being visited by ET's & their message for humanity....
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Dark Ops Exposed: ET Bases, Bioweapons and Mutants

Paranormal sightings and UFO encounters have occurred on or around military installations across the globe. From strange anomalous entities to flying craft of unknown origins, to shadow people, what is behind these undeniable occurrences related to secret projects unbeknownst to the general public?...
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