Documentary Films

  • El Susto

    El Susto

    When Mexico's love affair with sugary drinks turns deadly, courageous public health advocates battle the powerful beverage industry, a.k.a. "Big Soda", to curb consumption and to protect the...

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  • The Paranormal Mind

    The Paranormal Mind

    For over a century, sciences have denied the existence of the paranormal. This perspective is changing as a new breed of scientists and field investigators are demonstrating the...

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  • Secret Space UFOs: Part 1

    Secret Space UFOs: Part 1

    Researchers have been discussing a Secret Space Program for years and this film will show that NASA has had capabilities to hide UFOs from the public....

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  • Crop Circle Realities

    Crop Circle Realities

    This phenomenon stretches far beyond the boundaries of England with over a thousand crop circles spanning the globe....

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  • Volcanic UFO Mysteries

    Volcanic UFO Mysteries

    Experts have noticed a connection with UFO sightings around Volcanic hot spots across Latin America and discuss a history of these sightings....

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  • Sacred Cow

    Sacred Cow

    Sacred Cow probes the fundamental moral, environmental and nutritional quandaries we face in raising and eating animals....

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  • Sasquatch Among Wildmen

    Sasquatch Among Wildmen

    Throughout history, ape-like humanoids have appeared in myths and legends of cultures from around the world....

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  • J.R. Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius

    J.R. Dobbs and the Church of the SubGeni

    What started out as an inside joke amongst two self-proclaimed weirdos soon becomes much more than that when they invent a new religion all their own....

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  • Facing East

    Facing East

    With over 100,000 documented disturbed burials the owners and operators of Eastern Cemetery systematically re-used graves over and over, taking advantage of low-income families during one of the...

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  • Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made

    Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made

    A young boy and girl enter the forest to dig a hole to hell. Said to be a cursed film from the late 1970s, Antrum examines the horrifying...

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  • Southern Pride

    Southern Pride

    A documentary about people from two towns in Mississippi organizing gay and black pride events in Trump's backwater America....

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  • Woodsrider


    Tucked in the trees of Oregon's Mt Hood, 19-year-old snowboarder Sadie Ford camps alone, anticipating a winter of adventure and renewal....

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  • Out of Nothing

    Out of Nothing

    From the Pacific Northwest to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, this is the inspiring true story of four tenacious men who risk everything to conquer the world...

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  • Leftovers


    Photographer Seth Hancock travels across America to discover why senior citizens are the fastest growing group of people going hungry in America....

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  • Garden of Stars

    Garden of Stars

    An enchanted cemetery in Berlin. Next to the Grimm Brothers' grave, stillborn babies and gay people rest in peace. This is the Garden of Stars....

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  • Ice Guardians

    Ice Guardians

    Exploring one of the most controversial positions in the history of sport, ICE GUARDIANS journeys into the toughest job of the NHL: the Enforcer....

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