Horror Films

  • The Funeral Home

    The Funeral Home

    A dysfunctional family lives amongst coffins and mischievous supernatural entities that visit daily....

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  • Bright Hill Road

    Bright Hill Road

    In the aftermath of a violent tragedy, a young woman is forced to face her demons at an unusual boarding house....

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  • Paintball Massacre

    Paintball Massacre

    A fun game of paintball goes horribly wrong when a group of friends discover a cold-blooded masked killer is among them....

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  • Black Pumpkin

    Black Pumpkin

    On October 31, 2018, two preteens in a small town accidentally awaken an evil that has lain dormant for decades....

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  • The Facility

    The Facility

    60 years after secret experiments conducted by the government - a group of mercenaries find a secret facility, unleashing an unthinkable evil on the world....

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  • Thirst (Þorsti)

    Thirst (Þorsti)

    An addict teams up with a thousand-year-old gay vampire to fight a cult while being investigated by a rouge detective....

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  • They Reach

    They Reach

    In 1979, a 13-year-old accidently unleashes a demon from a vintage reel-to-reel player; she recruits her two best friends to battle the beast....

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  • The Retreat

    The Retreat

    A man finds himself alone and lost after a horrifying encounter with a monster during a backpacking trip into the Adirondack High Peaks....

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  • Blind


    A blind woman who lives alone in her dream house in the hills, will soon realize that she is not as alone as she thinks....

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  • No Such Thing as Monsters

    No Such Thing as Monsters

    A young couple escape to the woods for a weekend of fun; but everything changes when they are terrorized by a psychopathic family....

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  • Redwood Massacre: Annihilation

    Redwood Massacre: Annihilation

    A stranger obsessed with the unsolved Redwood murders, ventures into the wilderness in hope of proving the existence of the infamous killer....

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  • The Last Exorcist

    The Last Exorcist

    After every priest trained in exorcisms dies in a terrors attack, Joan Campbell must battle a demon from her past that, this time, possesses her sister....

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  • The Devil to Pay

    The Devil to Pay

    When her husband disappears, a struggling farmer finds she is a pawn in a blood-soaked revenge plot that may force her to destroy a decades-old truce....

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  • Range Runners

    Range Runners

    A woman hiking an isolated trail runs into trouble when her pack is taken by two desperate men and must strike back to get what was stolen from...

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  • A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio

    A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio

    A radio show dedicated to horror begins to receive strange calls from a child who desperately asks for help and these calls hide a dark secret....

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  • Escape: Puzzle of Fear

    Escape: Puzzle of Fear

    Stuck in an Escape Room, Matthew quickly finds himself the center of a revenge plot meant to right the wrongs of his past, with deadly results....

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