Films 2

  • Transmedium: Fastmovers & USOs

    Transmedium: Fastmovers & USOs

    Transmedium UFOs, often viewed as ocean based USOs, have long fascinated Navy personnel. Join us for an in-depth exploration of USO history with former Navy Chief Oceanographer Tim...

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  • Jurassic Triangle

    Jurassic Triangle

    After surviving a storm over the Atlantic Ocean, a group of work colleagues find themselves stranded on an island, one that is not on any map. They soon...

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  • Thick and Thin

    Thick and Thin

    A journalist and an atypical politician discover a dead body that surprisingly resurrects in front of them. Through a series of unexpected events, a strange fellowship is forged,...

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  • Battle for the Western Front

    Battle for the Western Front

    Two small town men join the war effort, landing on the front lines of Northern France in August 1918. Cut off from resupply and reinforcements, for three days...

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  • Hellhounds


    A pack of werewolves wage a war against a fanatical order of werewolf hunters called the Silver Bullets. The Hounds and the Bullets now roam the country appearing...

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  • Roadkill (2023)

    Roadkill (2023)

    Lost, a young woman offers a hitchhiker a ride in exchange for directions. The journey takes a violent turn when they are caught up in a police manhunt...

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  • Norwegian Dream

    Norwegian Dream

    Robert, a Polish immigrant working at a fish factory in Norway, realizes he has feelings for his colleague Ivar. For fear of losing his position within a group...

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  • The Caller

    The Caller

    While house-sitting in a secluded rural lodge, Customer Service agent Izzy gets terrorized by an upset psychopathic caller. The real nightmare begins when he decides verbal abuse isn't...

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